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How To Use Curly Hair Extensions

How To Use Curly Hair Extensions

Curl your hair extensions the right way using the right products. Learn how, with this short video guide, from hair extensions specialist, Tatiana Karelina.

Hi. I would like to show you today how to curl your hair extensions. If you have a lot of hair extensions in, the best way to start would be to section the hair, and start with the bottom half.

Just take half of the hair, put it up and clip it. We are going to curl it with a straightener. The main trick is to hold the straightener always parallel to the head.

Either this way or that way, depending if you are left handed or right handed, we take the section of the hair, comb it, the size of the section will depend on how loose or how tight you would like your curls to be. If you would like quite loose waves, big waves, you use a bigger straightener with bigger platforms. And you take bigger sections of your own hair.

Hold the straightener parallel, you basically just twist once and then you start pulling away from the head. Don't rush it but don't go too slow. It's the same trick as you do when you're curling the ribbon with the scissors, you know, for the presents.

So, basically, you don't need to twist the strand around the straightener because they're not hot all the way around. It's just the platform, two platforms are hot inside. So, you hold the straightener, twist it only once, and then slowly pull the section away from the head, and just continue one after another until you finish all the sections in the bottom, all the hair in the bottom.

If you'd like to get your curls tighter, if you want it a bit curlier, then just take a small section and that would work. Like with this one, I got a bit more. You can use any product, any heat protector on your hair extensions just like you would on your own hair.

Just make sure you don't put any products directly on the scalp. If you use oily serums or some leave in conditioner or something or some protective spray, just spray the ends. It's just to avoid any slippage of your hair extensions.

The drier the roots, the better. To finish the style, you can always just use a little bit of hair spray or a bit of mousse, different products to complete the look. You can mess it up a little bit.

Now, we're finished curling the bottom section. What you have to do is just take the clip and take the next section and repeat from the step one. And that's how to curl your hair extensions.