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How To Use Dark Transfer Paper

How To Use Dark Transfer Paper

Crystals R Us shows how to use dark iron on transfer papers

Hi! My name is Lalji Varsani from Crystals R Us. Today, we will show you various aspects of how to apply iron on items. Now, I will be teaching you how to use dark iron on transfer paper.

Simply have your design ready to print on your computer. Place your iron on transfer paper in your inkjet paper and simply press print. Once your design is printed, you'll need to cut around the parts that you don't want as everything will be iron on to the t-shirt.

Once you've cut around of the image, you need to peel off the backing. Now, this entire piece will be directly ironed on to your t-shirt. You need to go back and get the Teflon sheet, which comes with the transfer papers itself.

Simply place the t-shirt flat on the surface. Place your design on top of the t-shirt. Position it wherever you require.

Then place your transfer your heat resistant paper on top. Now you can apply 20 seconds of medium heat and your transfer is ready and printed on to your t-shirt. When printing, you need to remember to allow the ink to dry for 30 minutes.

Otherwise, the ink will run and ruin your design. You can also use a full design. So, you don't need to cut out anything else.

Whereas you use a big design and you need most of the a-full paper. This helps to get a better effect. You can also customize your design even more by adding rhinestones on top of the transfer.

As you can see, I've added diamond taze all around the side. This gives it that extra sparkle to your custom design t-shirt now. And that is how you use dark iron on transfer paper.

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