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How To Use Drain Cleaner

How To Use Drain Cleaner

In this video, the Cleaning Fairy will teach you a quick do-it-yourself fix for clogged drains. Using any drain cleaner, Tracy will tell you specifics to handling the task, including safety attire.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to use drain cleaner. You will need a drain cleaner and a drain that needs unblocking. First, you will need to read the instructions.

It's very important to do so. I read through step by step; how long it will take, what I'll need to do. Also, with these sorts of products, they have corrosive chemicals, so always wear gloves and protective clothing.

First, what you need to do is open your bottle and pour cleaner down the drain. In this one, you need to use all of it. Gently pour all the way in.

You will need to leave the drain cleaner for 15 minutes. It also says that if you have a really clogged up drain, you will need to leave it overnight. So, you need to leave it for 15 minutes.

Now that you have waited 15 minutes, what you will need to do is pour down hot water, gently flushing all the way down, and leave it for a few minutes, so you can make sure it's done its job. And that's how you use a drain cleaner. .