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How To Use Eye Make-Up Remover

How To Use Eye Make-Up Remover

Make-up artist Lisa Glassock shows you how to use eye make-up remover so you get rid of all traces of make-up without damaging the skin.

Step 1: You will need

  • Cotton Wool Pads
  • Cream eye makeup remover
  • Eye cream

Use an oil-based cream as it is kinder to the eyes and will remove waterproof mascara.

Rub the cream onto two cotton pads and place the pads over each eye. Leave for a few seconds to soak in and dissolve the make-up.

Gently wipe the makeup away, in small dabbing motions

Use the pad in a zig zag motion from root to tip on the eyelashes to remove the mascara.

Use your ring finger to apply eye cream to the eyesocket bone, so any dry skin around the eye will draw the cream in.