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How To Use Eyebrow Powder

How To Use Eyebrow Powder

Not satisfied with your eyebrows? There are two ways of bringing them close to perfection - by using either eyebrow pencil or powder. This video, with Amanda Bell, will teach you how to apply the eyebrow powder without any glitches!

So, we are going to use eyebrow powder so you fill in the gaps in between the brows. You've got two options, really, to work with the eyebrows. You can either use a pencil to fill in the gaps or powder.

If you use powder, then you get a really gorgeous natural effect and that's what we're going to do. So, I'm using wax first and just gently brushing it through the brows. And what that's actually going to do is give the powder something to adhere to so you get this really gorgeous full coverage of colour.

So, you can really, really fill in these spaces in between the brows because that's what we are going to do. So, the best thing to do is to find the powder or pencil that pretty much matches the natural shade of your eyebrow. If you want it to be a little more natural looking, then go for a fraction lighter that your natural eyebrow shade or if you want it to be more dramatic, choose a shade that's a fraction darker.

Because it's the eyebrows, the ideal way of actually working with eyebrows is going for a shade that matches the eyebrows. So, I've selected a very, very dark brown. So, using my eyebrow brush, I'm just very gently brushing on the colour.

So, that's filling in the gaps in between the eyebrows which is giving a very, very defined look. And then, I'm just going to brush the eyebrows into place. Exact the inside on the other side.

The eyebrows are so important because they frame the eyes and just give that little bit of extra drama. So, again, brush them into to shine upon. And, that's how you create a perfect brow. .