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How To Use Feng Shi Cures

How To Use Feng Shi Cures

There are many things or objects in Feng Shui that represent cures and many other things. With this video, you no longer have to go though so many guides or books to find out what suits you best.

Hi. My name's Suzanne Harper. I'm the writer of The Feng Shui Wealth Guide, and I'm going to talk to you today about different aspects of Feng Shui and show you how easy it is to make simple changes that attract more positive circumstances into your life.

Hi. My name is Suzanne Harper. I'm going to talk to you today about how to use Feng Shui cures.

Feng Shui is the art of balancing your space and any item you use to balance and it can be a cure. One of the ones most people find very helpful is the six hollowed tube metal wind chime in the Sha Chi area which this year, is the southwest. After the third of February 2011, it would be the east.

Very important especially if you're involved in any kind of lawsuit or a divorce, this disperses negative energy. And while we're talking about dispersing cures, you can also use a little mirror. This is a very small mirror.

You can see that goes on your bathroom door and in the outside of your bathroom of the throat height of the tallest person in the house. However, you may want to bring energy in, you may want to attract energy. Mirrors are very useful for this.

Make sure your that mirror reflects something. Mirrors magnify. They magnify what they reflect and whatever is on the wall behind the mirror as well.

Make sure your mirrors reflect beauty. Mirrors are great, they're enhancing wherever you put them. They magnify the energy.

You can have beautiful artwork opposite them and on the wall behind them. You always want to see your head and shoulders in the mirror. You never want them cutting off your head.

So, head and shoulders and height above your head are great as well. This means that more of your aura is actually in the mirror to be reflected, especially good to have a big mirror in the bathroom over the sink, very good for mommy because you see more of your aura, as I said before. You can use round glass festive crystal balls, they bring energy in.

They throw rainbows; that's why you're picking them. They're called prismatic crystals as opposed to this type of crystal which is a semi- precious stone. This corrects vortex energy and these sorts of crystals are useful for romantic cures.

You might decide, instead of a wind chime, that you'd like a nice green plant to disperse the Sha Chi. Plants can act as dispersing cures and also as attracting cures. Flowers are wonderful anywhere.

Flowers in the living room especially, really raise the energy of the place. So, do lights, lights are always very positive. These can be electric lights, they can be candles.

You can use fish tanks, little waterfalls, fountains, little ponds. All of these things will change the energy depending on where you put them. You can use the bagua to decide where you're going to put your cures.

You can decide just from the use of the room. Your living room, if you want to raise the energy, something just as simple as a beautiful bunch of flowers and having lights in all the corners of the room, will really lift things. Distant few artwork is great as well.

If you can sit somewhere where you're facing a wall, perhaps in an office, you want a really larger poster or picture in front of you that takes your eye through some wonderful scenery. So, those are quite some ordinary things you can pick which will be Feng Shui cures and some things perhaps that are more eastern. This little frog, for instance, is a money cure.

You could however pick the cornucopia which is a symbol of abundance if you want something western. Some people use bagua mirrors on the outside of their front door. I would suggest that you really don't need that, you want to pick something that's culturally appropriate and a nice shiny bronze door knocker will do absolutely fine in terms of dispersing the energy.

You can use something even smaller than this on the back of your telephone, if you're in the office and someone unfriendly sits