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How To Use Groups On Facebook

How To Use Groups On Facebook

VideoJug is here to help you navigate face book. Learn how to use the Facebook 'Groups' feature with out help on this great social networking site.

Step 1: Joining a group

You can either search for groups you are interested in or find groups on your friends profiles, and join them through that. To search for a group, click on the 'groups' option on the top left of the screen. Then click in the search groups box on the top right. Then enter a topic you wish to search for, such as 'surfing' and see if any groups come up. If you see something that takes an interest, click on it and have a look at the group homepage. If you scroll down you can find out what the group's about, how many members it has, look at any relevant photos that have been uploaded, find out who created the group and see links to other groups that are related to it.

Check out the discussion board if the group has one, and see what people have been talking about. If you like the group and want to join it, click 'join group' on the top right of the screen beneath the group's graphic. You will now be able to get involved with the group by leaving comments at the bottom on the group's wall, or by joining in with discussions. If you want other people to join the group, then click 'invite people to join this group' in the top right of the group profile. Some groups require administration approval for you to join. Once you try and join, you will have to wait for an administrator of that group to let you in. Some groups on face book are invitation only so you are not allowed to request to join these. Only an invitation from an administrator will give you access to these groups.

Once you have joined a group, it will appear in your profile, under 'groups' on the top left hand side beneath the 'face book' icon. This is where all your groups will be listed. Facebook allows you to scroll through your friends already on Facebook to choose who to invite. Once you click on them, and invite will be sent to their profile. You can enter email addresses of people not on face book who you think might want to join the group in the box below this. They will receive an email inviting them to set up a profile.

Step 2: Setting up a group

To set up your own group click on 'groups' on the top left of your profile homepage. Then click 'create a new group'. You will then have to specify the details of your new group. Firstly the 'group name', a 'network' if you want, a description of your group - which can be as detailed or as brief as you like. Next select a category, and enter any recent news on the topic (you can always update these details later once your group is a bit more established). Enter the remaining details such as a website address, and email address, a city, and a state if you live in the US.

Step 3: Privacy Options

There are three different privacy levels you can apply to your group.
1. You can make the group 'open' which means that everyone on face book can view the group and choose to join it if they want to.

2. You can make the group 'closed' which means that administrative approval is required for new members to join. Anyone can see the group information, but only members can see the discussion board, the wall, and photos.

3. You can make your group 'secret' which means that the group will not appear in search results or in the profiles of its members. Membership is by invitation only, and only members can see the group information, the discussion board, the wall, and photos.

Step 4: Create Group

Once you have filled in every field, click on 'create group'. Here you can upload a photo to represent your group. Click on 'browse' and search your hardrive for a relevant photograph. Tick the box to certify that you have the rights to distribute the photo, and click 'upload picture'. Once your picture appears in the picture box on the left, click 'continue'. Facebook will take you to the members section. Here you can invite people from face book to join, or invite people who are not on fac