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How To Use Gym Equipment

How To Use Gym Equipment

Confused on how to use a gym equipment? This film, brought to you by VideoJug, shows you how to use equipment safely and efficiently. Follow these guidelines for safe working out.

Hi, my name's Ricardo Macedo, and I'm here today to give some good tips and show you how to do some exercise. We are in my gym in Kensington, London W8. So you can find us on our website, www.


So come with me, and we are going to show you some tips. Here we go. Hi.

How to use gym equipment. For the new users of the gym or for you who just bought home equipment, there are few guidelines how you can use it and how to use your equipment more efficiently. For example, this machine, leg station, you can adjust your body.

I'm going to ask her to sit down here first. The ideal way, her legs need to be tucked in, bended. The back needs to be on full support as there is a gap here, so we are going to eliminate the gap, put in the seat forward.

Perfect! Then I'm going to ask you to put your feet behind the bar. So once this machine adjusts for you, you're going to make sure you have the right weight for your workout. Once you've picked the weight, then put the safety pin selecting the weight.

See if the needle's right, if everything is okay, and then stand it all the way up. Good, nice and easy movement, and all the way down, nice and slow. Once you've finished the movement, you return the weight nice and slow to the beginning.

Don't do fast, jerk movements. That will compromise the equipment and you can get yourself hurt. Again, a few nice reps.

So if you follow this procedure for any other equipment, whatever it may be, for your arms, for your legs, just make sure the movement flows nice. Make sure you have a full range of movement, full extended and back. So keep them that way, and you're going to be okay.

However, if you use free weights, make sure you always use the safe guidelines, the clippers. If you use free weights, make sure you have one of those. Even if the bars move, always click them.

Keep them nice and secure. So follow those and you're going to be okay. See you then. .