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How To Use Hair Accessories

How To Use Hair Accessories

Hair professional Vieri demonstrates three simple but elegant hairstyles, suitable for either work or a night out on town. Using hair accessories, these updos can be created in a matter of seconds.

I will show you a few tips on how to use hair comb accessories. For this style, I use comb which I call "Double X." It's got two X's, and you can use this middle part to put the hair through, which I will show you how.

Put it through, slide one comb here, and one comb the other side. And it's loose ponytail. To make it more secure, you can twist the hair up and secure it again.

Hold your hair in a ponytail style, take the hair through the middle, and twist the hair upwards and secure it on the other side. If you need to create a bun which is secured and last the whole day, use this accessory. It's got hole in the middle, and you pull the hair through.

Twist it once, pull the hair through the end, and keep on twisting, and secure it. And these were a few accessory tips. .