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How To Use Hair Straighteners

How To Use Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can turn frizzy hair in to a sleek and smooth style in minutes. Watch this short video to see how the experts at Falltricks Academy use a hair straightener to best effect.

Step 1: You will need:

  • Hair straighteners
  • A comb
  • A rounded brush
  • heat protective serum

Step 2: Straighteners

If you will be straightening your hair often, we recommend ceramic straighteners. Metal straighteners are a cheaper alternative, but damage easily.

Step 3: Hair preparation

If you blow dry your hair, angle the hair dryer downwards and brush through while you are drying. A heat protective serum will prevent your hair from becoming damaged by the straighteners.

Step 4: Straightener preparation

Your hair straighteners will need some time to heat up - always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Place them on a non-flammable surface while they are heating.

Step 5: Straightening

Clip most of your hair up, leaving one manageable section. Take part of this and carefully place it in the straighteners. Start at the root, and slowly work your way down. Repeat this action until the hair straightens. Keep working in sections to straighten the rest of your hair. This will take time. Using a comb will ensure the hair is evenly spread in the straighteners. Go over the ends of your hair again to disguise the individual sections.

Step 6: Styling

We recommend using a shine spray or a lock out lotion to maintain the style.