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How To Use Heated Rollers

How To Use Heated Rollers

Use Heated Rollers. Add the wow factor to your hair and get noticed! Our step by step guide to using heated rollers is the quick way to bouncy, soft curls and super volume.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 set heated rollers
  • some Hair clips
  • 1 Wide toothed comb
  • some Hair spray
  • some Heat protective serum

Step 2: Heated rollers

You can use heated rollers to create curls or simply add volume to your hair. There are a wide range available. They generally come in kits. The thickness of curl will depend on the size of the roller used. To achieve a variation of curls use a combination of different sized rollers.

Step 3: Clean and straighten

Start with clean, dry hair. If you have a natural curl to your hair, straighten it whilst you are blow drying, or use straighteners. Straight hair will ensure your curls are consistent and smooth.

Step 4: Prepare the rollers

The manufacturer's instructions will tell you how long your rollers need to heat up.

Step 5: Hair preparation

Start at the front of the head and work your way back. Take one section of your hair and brush out any tangles or snags, then apply some heat protective serum. For longer lasting curls, use some hairspray.

Step 6: Using the heated rollers

Place the roller about an inch and a half from the end of the hair. Wrap the hair around the roller and wind it upwards, towards the scalp. Hold in place with a hair pin. Repeat this step until you have your desired amount of curls.

Step 7: TOP TIP

To create spiral curls, twist your hair with your fingers before using the rollers.

Step 8: Hairspray

To help fix the curls apply some hairspray to the rollers.

Step 9: Wait

Times will vary, but normally it will take about 5 minutes for the rollers to set.

Step 10: Remove the rollers

Start at the front of the head and work back, un-clipping each roller in turn. Once all the rollers have been removed, use your fingers to loosen the curls and shape your hair into your preferred style.