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How To Use Highlighter & Bronzer

How To Use Highlighter & Bronzer

Use Highlighter & Bronzer. Make-up artist Claire De-Graft is going to show us a simple way of accentuating your cheekbones and bringing out your eyes using highlighter and bronzer.

Step 1: You will need

  • Some liquid highlighter
  • Some shimmer powder
  • 1 medium sized brush
  • Some bronzer

Step 2: Cheekbones

Use liquid highlighter to accentuate cheekbones by giving them a sheen. Place a few dots of liquid highlighter just above the line of the cheekbone moving outwards. Blend using your fingers. Repeat this on the other side of your face.

Step 3: Eyes

To really bring out your eyes, apply a couple of dots of highlighter to the bone just below your eyebrow and blend with your fingers.

Step 4: Shimmer powder

Add extra sparkle with some shimmer powder. Dip a brush in the powder and tap off the excess. Sweep it over each of the areas to which you have already applied the liquid highlighter.

Step 5: Bronzer

Finish the look by applying a little bronzer. Dab a medium sized brush in some bronzer and tap off the excess. Apply the bronzer just beneath your cheekbones. This will even out your skin tone and give your skin a flawless glow.