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How To Use Honey For Skin

How To Use Honey For Skin

Honey is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air and can lock it in the skin. In this tutorial Sally Hornsey, a cosmetic consultant from Plush Folly, shows you how to use it as a face mask.

You Will Need

  • white cosmetic clay
  • honey water
  • runny honey


Weigh out 12-15 g of white cosmetic clay and put it into a small bowl.

Add 10-12 g of honey water to your clay and mix it into a thick paste.

Add 1 tsp of runny honey and mix it in.

Spoon the mixture into a pot and store in the fridge. It should last about a week.

To use the face mask, spread it over your clean face and leave for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse off and moisturise.