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How To Use Inkjet Transfer Paper

How To Use Inkjet Transfer Paper

Coming up with your own transfer design can indeed be done and printed right off from your computer.

Hi, my name's Lalji Varsani from Crystals R Us. Today, we will show you various aspects of how to apply iron on items. Now, I'll be showing you how to use your inkjet transfer paper and print your own design on them.

When it comes to transferring your designs to t-shirts, you need to first decide what colour t-shirt you're going to be using. Will it be dark? If so, you need to use a dark inkjet transfer paper and if you're going to be using a light material, you need to use a light inkjet transfer paper. They're both fairly similar.

When purchasing the transfer papers, they come with full instructions on how to use them and you get a Teflon sheet. This will be used when applying your design to the t-shirt. When printing your design on a dark t-shirt, you can print out your design straight from your computer.

Simply place your transfer paper and then press the print button of the design you've created and your design will be printed. I've made something before and it will turn out something like this. Now, what you need to do is cut out the excess, so with the white parts which I won't be needing, I'll be cutting it out.

Then once that is done, I will be peeling off the part I do which is the inside. Once that's peeled off, you can place that straight unto a t-shirt, cover it with the Teflon sheet that was given so you don't bond the t-shirt, and apply 20 seconds on hot heat. There, you have your own design printed from a normal inkjet printer and normal inkjet transfer paper.

When it comes to making designs on a clear light material, apply some of the same process. Place your paper in the paper tray but when it comes to printing, you need to make sure to reverse the image. Mirror it so it's the other way around.

Then press the print button and your transfer will come out. It will come out the same but the other way around. Now once it's ready, you do not need to peel your transfer off this time, you simply place the entire transfer the other way around which is not facing up.

Now when you apply the heat, the ink will embed itself onto the t-shirt leaving no paper whereas on the dark transfer paper, you're actually sticking the actual paper onto the t-shirt. And there you go, that's how you make iron-on transfers using normal inkjet printers. Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration.

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