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How To Use IPhoto

How To Use IPhoto

Learn how to use iPhoto with VideoJug's great step by step guide on the basics of digitally re-mastering your photos. iPhotos creates a great finished product, so learn how to use it properly today.

Step 1: Auto-enhance

With your pictures imported, you can begin to edit them. Select a picture and click this "Edit" button. To correct the image quality automatically, click this "Enhance" button here. iPhoto will automatically adjust the picture as it sees fit. Although the results are usually an improvement, it can be a little random so remember you can undo any by selecting the "Undo" option in the "Edit" menu.

Step 2: Crop and straighten

You can crop or straighten the image with these buttons. Straightening the image will zoom in slightly to avoid any edges that would be rotated out of the frame, so you may wish to perform this operation first before you decide on cropping the image.

If you do select "Crop", the box that appears can be dragged around to choose your desired final image. Drag the edges or corners to re-shape it and drag the middle to move the box around. Notice that the box has also been divided into thirds to aid your cropped composition. This is in keeping with the "Rule Of Thirds" and for more about this, please watch the videojug film "the Rules Of Composition".

Step 3: Advanced editing

If you want to make more advanced adjustments, you can click the "Adjust" button here. This will bring up a series of sliders that adjust the exposure, colour temperature and so on. Play around with them to fix an imbalance or get your desired effect. You can also copy the setting you have applied to one picture and paste them onto another picture taken under similar condition using these copy and paste buttons here.

iPhoto also provides you with tools to fix common faults like the Red-Eye caused by a flash or retouch the odd blemish. You can adjust the size of each tool with the slider at the bottom of the window for more precise effects.

When your pictures are finished, you can use built in functions in iPhoto to upload them to various .Mac related websites or burn onto CD, while other iLife applications like iMovie will be able to access the pictures in your iPhoto library. You can also drag them onto the desktop, where you can copy or upload them to anywhere you choose.