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How To Use Liquid Makeup

How To Use Liquid Makeup

Easy-to-do techniques and tips for applying liquid make-up the proper way in order to achieve a smooth natural look – it's all in this tutorial.

Today, I'm going to show you how to use liquid make-up. I think the most obvious form of liquid make-up would be a liquid foundation, as opposed to a cake or a costume cream make-up. So, I'm going to take some foundation onto my hand, you don't have to do that, but I'm using a sponge today, so it's just an easier way of getting the product out of the jar and putting it onto your hand.

Also, it kind of warms it up a little bit when you put it on your hand, your body temperature just makes things easier to work with. So, I've already applied a moisturizer onto the face, which again, makes blending a lot easier. If you put a liquid foundation or any foundation onto dry skin, that's when you're going to get that kind of cakey, flaked look at the end, which obviously, is not very flattering.

So, I'm just putting it onto the sponge and basically, just really gentle sweeping motion. Try to be as quick as you can, because the product does start to dry and it's just easier to blend in if you just keep working quickly. And, by doing it this way rather than with your fingers, I just think it gives it a much more natural finish.

If you apply it with your fingers, sometimes, you can get an overly heavy look. I'm just taking up more product as I need it. So, the first thing I do is I just kind of have a sweep across the whole face, just so that everywhere gets some, and then later on, I'll look at the face and go into certain areas with a little bit more of a heavy touch which I'll show you.

I am going to put some on the eyelids as well. You could use a brush which I'll show you in a second. It just makes a nicer base for your eye make-up if you're going to apply some later on.

If you wanted to, you could take a concealer brush like this and take some of the product up and use a brush instead, whatever you feel more comfortable with, really. And then, just have a look at yourself, and if you feel there are any areas that could do with a little bit more, I'd take a bit more up on the sponge and then I'd do more of what they call a stippling action and just press in, and that gives you a heavier coverage rather than the sweeping I was doing earlier. That's how to apply a liquid make-up. .