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How To Use Locking Pliers

How To Use Locking Pliers

This video provides a description and a demonstration of how to use the locking pliers to carry out carpentry tasks by showing a carpenter using them to clamp a piece of wood.

Okay, today, we're using locking pliers. These would be typically used for bolts, stiff bolts that are difficult to get to, difficult to grip, or you just haven't got enough hands so you can just hold onto a bolt. So, this is how to use the locking pliers.

Put them around what you want to, so here you can see they are too loose, so tighten this nut up. Then now, when you go to close this, you can see it's too tight so I need to loosen it a bit and see if I can grip it. So there you see, I've managed to grip it so it's nice and tight.

To release this, press that and it comes loose again. So this is a baby version, so to use this one, we grip round here, release the screw and then I think we can try to close it and it's nice and tight. So now, you can see you can keep that in place, say get another one, screw it in a bit, lock that one into place and then you've got free hands to do something else so it's got lots of very good uses.

So, these locking pliers are really good for when you haven't got enough hands and they're kind of useful like a little clamp. That's what we use them a lot for, they're a good all round clamp, clamping device. And that's how to use locking pliers. .