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How To Use MSN Instant Messenger

How To Use MSN Instant Messenger

This film is designed to show you how to use MSN Instant Messenger on your Mac. Hold real time conversations over the internet, and keep in touch with your friends and family with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: Choose an instant messaging program

Hello and welcome to Videojug. Instant messaging is a way of holding real time conversations over the internet. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and is simple to setup.

Step 2: Download

There are a lot of different instant messaging programs on the web, in this film we will show you how to set up and use an MSN instant messenger account on your MAC

Step 3: Installing

To setup MSN messaging on your computer for a MAC is a bit tricky. Go to www.microsoft.com/mac/default.aspx?pid+msnmessenger. Then click on the Download messenger for MAC icon .MSN messenger should then start downloading.

Step 4: Setting up an account

Once the programme has downloaded an icon will appear - double click on it. And follow the instructions.

Step 5: Adding MSN contacts

MSN is linked to its sister email programs Hotmail. You can setup one username across this family of programs, which becomes your email address and IM username. If you already have a username for the sister email program, simply use this to sign into instant messaging. If you don't have an account set up already you can do so by creating a new one.

Step 6: Check who is online

If you want to talk to someone via MSN you first have to add them to your personal contacts.
Simply click the add button, a pop up window will appear prompting you to add your contacts hotmail address. Type in the address, hit next and if the address is valid the contact will be added to your contacts. They will be sent a message asking them if they want to be on your contacts list.

Step 7: Customising your account

Your personal contacts window will show how many of you contacts are online and offline - click on the arrow next to the online icon and they will be listed.

Step 8: Sending an instant message

If you go to messenger on the toolbar and go to preferences you will be able to customise your account. You can change your user name that others see and type a greeting

Step 9: Having a conversation

Double click on the contact you wish to talk to. Click on the send instant message option. A new window will open, with a large text box at the top for the conversation and smaller text box to write messages with at the bottom, where you can also add emoticons. Write the message you wish to send in the smaller box, and hit send. Your message will instantly appear in the large text box, and be sent to your MSN contact.

Step 10: Group conversations

The person at the other end of the conversation will be prompted by his MSN program to open your message and reply. You will now both have the same messenger window open, and any messages you write to each other will appear instantly on both computers. Your MSN program will mark who sent each message using your name, and display the messages in the exact order they were sent.

Step 11: Adding emoticons

To have a group conversation simply hit the invite icon and choose the person you wish to add.

Step 12: Attaching files

To add an emoticon to your message click on the smiley face at the end of the text box

Step 13: Security

To send a file to a contact simply hit the send file icon, you'll be prompted to choose a recipient and then choose the file you wish to send.

Instant messaging programs, like most things on the net, are not completely secure. If you get a message from someone you do not know, especially if it is of an inappropriate nature, you can block that person from sending you anything else, using the block contact button at the top of the IM message window. Never give credit card or bank details over an IM connection.