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How To Use Nail Art Foil

How To Use Nail Art Foil

Well-cared for hands are so important for a lady. This video gives step by step instructions for applying nail foil art. Watch this video to get directions for this simple but pretty form of nail art.

Make sure your hands are oil free. So even if you don't have nail varnish on your hands at the moment, there are still oils from creams. We'll just take nail varnish remover without added oils and clean your nail thoroughly.

Choose your desired design. For the demonstration, we've chosen pink cheetah design. You measure up the foil.

Now, each foil comes with 9 sizes and each nail is a different size so from my personal experience, customize it first by cutting it to the right size and then you'll save yourself time for later. When you're satisfied with the shape, peel all the foil off and heat it under the lamp for 10 - 12 seconds. I'm using a standard table lamp with 60 volts light bulb.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The foil started to warm up and it will get softer. That's when it's ready to apply.

Just stick it on, press it down. Using a glass nail file, we will take the excess foil off. And it's done.

And this is how you do nail art foil using Mynx. .