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How To Use Nail Stickers

How To Use Nail Stickers

This video shows how to use the nail stickers easily. These stickers are very attractive and learn how it can be easily put within seconds through this video.

Hi, my name is Reena from Nail Creations. I am going to show how to use nail designs, nice and simple. I am going to show you how to use nail stickers.

This is the sticker I am going to nail polish with no color underneath. You get the most, the full effect. You're going to pick off the sticker with the tweezer.

Position it to where you would like it to stick. Press down to get the full effect and then you're going to use the top coat to seal it. So nicely, nice good thick coat to seal it across.

And that's how you do nail stickers. Let's show you that once again. We will do it on the thumb nail.

Again, you have to put the clear polish onto the natural nail. I will show you the different one. Using a pair of tweezers, try not to touch the bottom.

You need to apply to where you would like. Press down at the top. Make sure it's nice and firm.

Then use the top coat to seal it. Good thick top coat till the end. You can purchase these stickers from our website, which is nailcreations.

com. We have various colors and designs. Have a look through these. .