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How To Use Napkin Rings

How To Use Napkin Rings

A special dinner is coming up? Feeling a great urge to impress people you care about? By having a peek at this neat video, which is less than THREE minutes, you will discover the art & techique of Napkin Folding with a Ring. You will get clear and simple preparation on how to design and fold your napkins. So, do not hesitate ! Go ahead and enhance your precious dining experiences.

Hi! My name is Luigi and I am the maestro at art of napkin folding. What we doing today is a demonstration on the napkin, which come from my book "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". Now there are time when the napkin is too small to do any complicated or sophisticated design or the napkin, such as this one is too flimsy to starch.

So therefore, we using actually, a ring. Very popular. It's been used since a Victorian time.

We fold a napkin into half and half again.using the side, which is better. What we need to do in here is that you take the very first part, can you see? So that it is clearly seen, this grey point, so that you can scroll this napkin down, so the three points are visible. You got the three point.

You fold the napkin into a triangle and you have in here now.

this first section, which is One.Two.Three.Four. We fold it like this and you can see it. Okay.


We turn it over and the advantage of doing it halfway is so that on the other side is the same.There you are. In order to insert the ring without this falling apart, you take a kind of a loop in here. Can you see? It's just a bit of string.

Right, tie it up with this.and this will give you the free hand to put in the napkin without a ring. And this can go.If you want to relish this, you just put a little flower here.and another one there.