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How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

Want a long ponytail but don't have the length? No problem! Watch this video to see just how easy it is to achieve a beautiful ponytail using a ponytail hair extension.

I would like to demonstrate today how to use ponytail hair extensions. Ponytails come in different lengths and different colors and obviously, the most natural look, if you would like to achieve the most natural look, you have to color match the ponytail to your hair, normally to the midsection of your hair because that's where the ponytail will be attached to the hair. We need to create the base for it.

It's very easy. We're just making a nice sleek ponytail of your own hair. It doesn't really matter how long your natural hair is as long as you can take it all into the ponytail and fix it properly.

It's fine even if it's a very sort of short ponytail, it shouldn't be a problem. A very nice look especially if you're going for very long, wavy, thick, glamorous ponytail would be to put the hair in a high ponytail. Make sure you use a very strong hair band because we need to make a very nice solid base for it, especially if you're going out and planning to wear it for a few hours.

That's our base. There are different attachments, but each ponytail has got either a clip, a small clip, or a bigger clip here. So, with this one, it's basically the same system, same method as the clip in the hair extension piece.

So, we have to open the clip just right here and attach the ponytail at the base over the ponytail you've created. This particular one has got 2 strings and these strings are going to be very handy here because we have to basically attach this ponytail securely. Just make sure you do it quite tight.

It has to stay. So, the way you do it is very important if you fix it properly. Ponytails are really beautiful, really popular.

It's different ways of styling them afterwards. It's a beautiful sort of straight look or slightly wavy. Everything else, what you do with styling afterwards, it's better to do when the ponytail is already attached.

Unless obviously, you do it on your own so if you would like to curl the ponytail prior to putting it in, that's also possible and maybe even easier to do. Once we attach it, if you don't want the strings showing, you can always take the section of hair, of your own hair from the bottom, just here, take one section of the hair, of the longer piece, take it and just wrap around here. Slightly bigger one, so we can have a nice, natural looking look without anything showing.

Strap it a few times. Make sure the attachment is not showing and all you need is just a little grip to pin the end securely underneath. Takes a few seconds to do and the look is really beautiful.

This is a great color match because we have a nice blonde section there as it goes nicely all the way down. I really like the wavy look because it gives a lot of body, it's a very glamorous look and can suit any occasion. And that's how to use ponytail hair extensions. .