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How To Use Side Cutting Pliers

How To Use Side Cutting Pliers

Above simple and more interesting video is given by VideoJug to understand and know how to use the side cutting pliers with its different types, so watch this video and work safely.

Okay, right now, we're going to look into side cutting pliers. Here, you got combination pliers, a combination crimping pliers which has side cutting also and this is straight side cutting pliers. So, these are very useful for cutting wires, hand holds bits of cutting plastics in packing circumference to cut it away like this, you can also use this to cut, say screws, see, this screw is not going inner around and you want to cut it flat, so place and hold your hands besides the cutting like this and place the pliers on flat and put my goggles on.

I put my goggles because when I cut, the broken piece of screws will fly every where. So just put it flat against towards and with your two hands pulling it tightly, it's good to have my goggles on because broken screws flying right at them, so it's very important to have goggles. When you're working with wire, the most purpose crimping pliers are very useful because you can strip wire, so some part to break to like that, if you strip the wire too much, you can just cut the wire with the side cutting pliers.

That's how it's built on. Okay, we got three very useful different side cutting pliers, this one is good for cutting, crimping and striping wire. This one is good for nuts and bolts and screws to cut, and this one for straight forward cutting.

That's how we use side cutting pliers. .