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How To Use Spring Clamps

How To Use Spring Clamps

Tristan from Custom Carpentry teaches viewers how to use spring clamps in two different ways. Watch this video and learn how to use this very useful tool.

So, I'm going to show you today how to use a spring clamp. I've got two different types of spring clamps here. We've got a cheap, weak one.

This one is heavier and it's also more heavy duty. So, you might use a spring clamp to clamp a piece of wood to a bench. So if you want to do some cutting, it's very difficult to hold it and cut it at the same time, so it's very good to have a spring clamp like this and you just open it up by releasing the spring over here, and you can pull it in and out, and when you let go, it locks it in and then you can squeeze this and that really gives the final pressure.

So if I open it up, put it underneath the desk, release the spring, push down, and then it's more or less in place, and then I use the handle at the back to squeeze, and I squeeze really hard, and then now, it's nice and tight. So that makes it a lot easier to start sawing, for example. The other clamp is the same thing.

You release the spring, set it, and then squeeze. So, I put that underneath here, release the spring, push down, and then grip. And this one, I need only one hand and it really, really puts a lot of pressure on there.

So, that's good for doing more complex things than just hold pieces of wood down, like holding 2 pieces of wood that you've just glued or holding a box together that you need to screw and glue. So, this is a very useful piece of kit that we use all the time. It's also got the ability of taking this off, turning it around, putting it the other way, and then you can use it to spread things.

So, one use for the spring clamp, set the other way around is, say, if you're fitting something on the wall, you can use this as a spacer, and say, the unit is like this on the wall, you just push that up until you've reached the correct level. You could have two, and then that way you could just screw your unit to the wall. You can get these obviously much longer sections, so if the unit's high off the wall, then you do that right up there, and it's like having an extra pair of hands, by just pumping up, it pushes the unit up.

So it's a very useful piece of equipment. So that's how you use spring clamps. .