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How To Use T Shirt Transfer Paper

How To Use T Shirt Transfer Paper

Crystals R Us teaches how to use T Shirt transfer papers

Hi! My name is Lalji Varsani from Crystals R Us. Today, we will show you various aspects of how to apply iron on items. On my right hand here, this, this transfer paper is for dark material and the one on my left hand here is for light material.

As you can see I have pre-made a design here. It was used for dark material so you use the dark transfer paper. When it comes to dark transfer paper, you need to print directly on top of the paper here.

And then you can cut around your design like I've done here I've printed on an A4 sheet and I've cut around what I did not want. Then simply, peel off the design, you can peel off the design here, you can peel that off and that will go on the t-shirt and then you put 20 second of hot heat on top of that and then you have you're the transfer iron to the t-shirt. For light material, it's almost the same, you need to print your design and you need to mirror the design before printing it.

Once you've done that, the design will be the other way around, and then you need to apply the, place the transfer paper on top of the t-shirt. You don't need to peel it off this time as the ink is gonna transfer to the t-shirt. So you place it the other way around and apply hot heat for 20 seconds and then let, let, let the ink dry for 30 minutes, and then you have your own customized t-shirt using transfer paper.

Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration. If you wish to order any of our products, please visit www.crystalsrus.

com and you can e-mail us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.