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How To Use The Facebook IPhone App

How To Use The Facebook IPhone App

In this video, you will learn how to use the Facebook iPhone app. As you'll see, it has all the same options that your browser has.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to use the Facebook iPhone app. So, to select the Facebook app on your iPhone, click here and it will take a few seconds for the Facebook app to load. Once Facebook is loaded, you'll come onto the wall which is similar to what you would have if you looked at Facebook on your browser because you can see these are the latest updates of people in your Facebook network.

You can click on here to do a status update and all the same functions you would have on Facebook. You can add a photograph. You can upload photos, so if you want to create a photo album, you can do that from here.

You can choose a number of photographs from your library or you can take one photo or video. Over here is the ability to send messages or receive messages from people. See all the different messages.

Just pull down to see the recent messages. Pull down and it will load the most recent messages. If there's a message from somebody you sent, just go in here and you can see the messages that you've sent to people.

Click here to forward a message to somebody. If there are any friends that are waiting for you to approve them, this symbol here will be highlighted. Click on that and you can see friend requests.

If you click on the globe, you can see all the notifications that people have recently made. This is the Facebook preferences so once this is pulled aside, you can go into news feeds, messages, events, friends and actually, you can go to the groups and pages that you're part of. Click on that and it's taking me to the Facebook page.

To get out of your preferences where you're going into different webpages and groups, just click on that top symbol again and that will take you back to your Facebook page. And this is how to use the Facebook iPhone app. .