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How To Use The Shower

How To Use The Shower

VideoJug user Interlac shows us how to use and care for the shower properly. From cleaning the shower, to cleaning yourself, this video has all you need to know when preparing to take your shower.

Step 1: The Shower Curtain

First let me mention the shower curtain. The shower curtain is superior to the glass enclosure with a sliding door, because when you get to the point where you want to dry yourself after taking a shower there's a lot more room if you have a shower curtain.
The second point about the shower curtain is that it's good for it to be transparent. I started out with an opaque shower curtain and I learned that it's too dark inside the shower enclosure with this kind of a shower curtain. But I'm very happy with the one that's transparent.

Step 2: Grab Bars

These are grab bars and even if you're a young person these have value. When you install them, since the shower water comes from here, and you're standing here, you want to be careful not to install the grab bars where they're going to interfere with you. So we have one here that's low enough to be useful when taking a tub bath and we have also one here. And then when you get out of the shower and step onto the rug, here's this one.

Step 3: Clean The Shower

Now, when it comes to cleaning, what I've done is to pour some liquid cleaner into a pump dispenser which is more convenient than this. But in here I have full strength liquid cleaner and when I want to clean, I wet the sponge, put some liquid cleaner onto the sponge and then I'm able to clean the shower.
At the bottom of the shower curtain, sometimes there is a collection of soap scum and so you can get down and use the sponge also there for cleaning.

Step 4: The Showerhead

All right, now we're in the other shower. In this shower we also have a flexible shower curtain that is transparent. And this showerhead is on a cable and there's some value to this, because if you're cleaning the shower stall then you can rinse it with this showerhead. The other showerhead is a Delta four inch brass showerhead which is four inches in diameter and it gives a better flow of water than this one does.

Step 5: Shampoo

Okay, when you actually take the shower, there are four steps to taking the shower. The first step is to use the shampoo. This one is Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo which you can use every day and you pour some in your palm and rub it all over your hair. And then you rub it on your face and be sure to rub thoroughly within your ears, because if you don't, your ears can become itchy. But thorough cleansing of the ears and drying carefully also prevents itchiness. So that's step one.

Step 6: Soap To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Step two is to take some soap and to scrub thoroughly between the buttocks and then rinse thoroughly. And if you do that every day you won't have trouble with hemorrhoids so much.

Step 7: Soap To Clean Your Body

Step three is to take soap also and to just use your hands, you don't need a washcloth to take a shower, and soap up the rest of your body.

Step 8: Fingernail Brush

And step four is to use the fingernail brush which is kept here in the shower.

Step 9: Drying Off

Drying off must include careful drying of the feet. You dry between the toes and around the edges of each foot and you prevent athlete's foot that way.
Information about taking a shower, about shaving, brushing your teeth and other things are at my website: