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How To Use Transfer Paper

How To Use Transfer Paper

This video shows you the basics of transfer paper.

Hi, my name's Lalji Varsani from Crystals R Us. Today, we will show you various aspects of how to apply iron on items. Today, I'm going to show you how to use transfer paper.

First thing to remember is there are two types of transfer paper so you need to decide is it for a lighter material or a dark material. So when you buy a transfer paper, you get easy-to-follow instructions and they're very easy to follow. And with that said, you'll get a greaseproof paper to actually apply the transfer to t-shirts or any other garments.

When you buy transfer paper, there are two types of transfer papers in the market. One's for a dark material and one's for a light material. The difference between the two are, for the light material, the actual ink gets embedded into the t-shirt, and for a dark material, the transfer paper comes into two parts and as you can see, you can peel the paper once it's done.

Now, to actually create a design on this plain piece of paper, first you need to open up a paint program, for argument's sake, Paint or any other photo programs, find your design and you print it off on a normal inkjet printer with the clear side facing out. So the image gets printed on this, then you let it dry for 30 minutes, and once it's dried, that transfer is ready to be transferred onto a t-shirt or any other garment you like. Now, the beauty about this is anybody can create any transfers themselves.

Even if kids created a drawing on their computer, you can print that drawing off on this transfer paper and you can apply it to t-shirts and that makes unique custom designs. Now, I've got one ready made. Now, this is a design I created on a paint program, printed off on an inkjet printer, and you can see the design like this.

Before you can apply this to any t-shirt, you'll have to cut the outline so that the white part is not visible on the t-shirt. And once you cut the outline, then that transfer is ready to go on a t-shirt. Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration.

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