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How To Use Transparent Glass Paint

How To Use Transparent Glass Paint

One great feature of glass painting is that it still allows light to shine through with transparent glass paints.

Hello, my name's Kevin Shenton. I'm the UK manager of Marabu Creative. We've managed to put together a range of videos showing all aspects of fabric, textile painting along with glass painting and porcelain painting.

Right, most of Marabu's paints are translucent because they're glass. You're on to something now that is optically clear so when the person views it, so they want to look through it and see the effect you would get within a church. The light shines through and it gives a brilliant effect.

Here, Chrissie's decorated an outline image so it's one of our outlines where you can get very easily. We've adhered an outline to a clear transparent film available in sheet form and then what we've done is decorated that with our transparent material, either glass art, Marabu GlasArt, Marabu Decorglas, the water-based or finally, the glass painter pens, Marabu Glass Painter Pens. All of which are transparent and you see, I'm going to demonstrate here on a vase, and again, we've used a peel-off effect on the front and that has been adhered down and it I turn the glass immediately around, there's a lovely design to the camera.

You turn that round and you can immediately see through the glass on the other side. It's completely translucent and completely clear but gives a wonderful stained glass design very much like you'd expect in a church. And again, here's the image on the plastic sheet that I've cut this out after we decorate it, and again I'm going to adhere this down showing how translucent it is.

Because once it's applied, there's a plastic film. We'll adhere it down, leaves me well, show to the camera. A little bit of the outline, you can see here in the plastic film which is again exterior grade, so suitable for use outside but then there we have a quite transparent image, and on the reverse to show it to the camera, you can see quite clearly through it.

If you were to add a light, so for instance, vases with candles for instance in your home, it's ideal for these because when you put the candle behind it, you get a lovely light reflection in your room. Do it, and again ideally for these types of things, the transparent infra-light works for children's rooms, to decorate with our Decorglas water-based paint because again, ideal when they go to sleep, you get a beautiful glow room with the colours that you designed to use. That gives you an outline of translucent or very clear glass paint.

You need to use Marabu GlasArt, Marabu's Decorglas water-based. GlasArt is more professional so they're clearer, more translucent product and solvent-based, although Marabu Glass Painter Pens which we've used to decorate sundials and we've also used here very clearly on the vase with an outline, so that is translucent glass paint in Marabu's range. You need the GlasArt, Decorglas, water-based or solvent-based GlasArt, or the water-based glass painter pens.

Translucent glass painting. .