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How To Use Waving Irons

How To Use Waving Irons

How to achieve gorgeous hair waves using a waving iron? Here's the simple technique and with step-by-step instructions to get a natural wavy look to your hair.

On this video, I'm going to be showing you how to use a waving iron. And it's a very simple technique, a very simple piece of equipment to use. All you're going to be needing is a waving iron, which looks like one huge crimping iron, and just a little bit of products.

And the products that I'm going to be using are Brick and Iron silk. Again, it's just an easy product to use, nice and flexible, nice and soft. I've pre-sectioned the hair already, and with these types of equipment, it's better to use bigger sections, only because it can get built up and very big hair if you don't take the sections big enough.

So, take one section of the hair, and just spray the roots with a little bit of heat protection spray. And I'm just going to show you on a smaller section of hair first of all. So, it's just kind of easier for you to see the type of technique you're going to be working with, okay.

You're going to place the iron into the hair and clamp down ,just leave it for a few seconds. If you see any kind of smoke or anything coming up from the product, all it is, is the product drying into the hair. Just try and fit into the gaps in the section you've worked with before, all the way down the hair.

Just keep working, just until you run out of hair at the end. It only needs to be in the hair for a few seconds, because these do tend to get really hot, really quickly. You really don't want to cause any more damage then you really need to.

Just keep working through, obviously, if your hair is quite resistant and quite easy, you know, for the styles to drop out. Then, just leave in a couple of seconds more. There you go, see that there.

Obviously, in that one there, I've gone in with the iron from above, but you can go in this way as well, because it just stops it looking too exact because you want it to be looking, when you're going for a wave look, quite a natural look. So, I'm going to go in from the other way this time. So, now, you see you've got your wavy hair through there.

I personally would just kind of run my fingers through it just to kind of break up the sections, just so it doesn't look too exact. And finishing wise, I would just use a little bit of a flexible hair spray, it's just wet and quick dry. That's all it does, it just gives you the hold without being sticky and hard.

Again, run your fingers through it, and there you see, there you go. And that is how you wave hair using a waving iron. .