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How To Use Your iPhone As A GPS

How To Use Your iPhone As A GPS

It’s so easy to get lost. Luckily your iPhone also serves as a GPS. In this video you will learn the fast way to install and launch your GPS function on your iPhone. Now you’ll never have to ask for directions again. All you have to do is find yourself on the map and then chart your course.

Step 1: Launch Your Installer

Ideally, you already have an installer application installed on your iPhone. If not, you'll need to install it (find it online by searching for "Installer.app". Try "iBrickr" if you have a PC.). Once you have an installer application installed, launch it.

Step 2: Navigate

Look through the applications available for install until you find Navizon GPS. Select it, install it and launch it.

Step 3: Find Yourself

When you launch Navizon, a screen will appear asking you to create a username and password. Choose something you'll remember; you'll need them to access the application. After you enter your username and password, let Navizon do its thing. When the map appears, look for the red dot. That's you! Now you can navigate at will.