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How To Use Your Washing Machine

How To Use Your Washing Machine

To use your washing machine you will need washing powder and fabric softener. Load the washing into the machine making sure you've separated whites from colours. Choose a low heat for delicates and a high heat for badly stained clothes.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 washing machine
  • 1 pile of dirty laundry
  • 1 box of washing powder/tablets
  • 1 bottle fabric softener

Step 2: Separate

Separate your coloured items from your whites and decide which pile you want to wash first.
If you did them all at the same time the colours would run and make your whites all dull and dingy.

Step 3: Load up

Take your chosen pile (either whites or colours) to the machine.
Don't overload it.
The clothes won't wash properly and sometimes the powder can get clogged in the clothes.
In extreme cases you could even cause the washing machine to break and flood your home!

Step 4: Cleaning products

Open the small draw usually located at the top left of the machine.
Here you will find two or three small compartments.
The smaller compartment, usually with a filter, is where you pour the fabric softener.
The larger compartment is for the washing powder.
Fill each with the advised amount. It's usually a cap full of each.
If you have liquid capsules do not put them in here.
Place them at the bottom of the washing machine drum underneath the clothes.

Step 5: Choose your temperature

If you have delicates in your load make sure you set your washing machine on a low heat. 40 degrees should be fine. If you have cottons that are colour fast, have been washed plenty of times or stained badly, make sure you wash on a higher heat. Between 60 and 90 degrees. However, it's always best to be eco-friendly so unless your clothes are really dirty, wash them on a low heat.

Step 6: Unload

When the cycle has finished the door will remain locked for a few minutes.
Don't force it open. It's meant to do this to make sure all the water has drained from the machine.
When it unlocks, remove the clothes and hang them out to dry or put in tumble dryer.