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How To: Venetian Blinds Cleaning

How To: Venetian Blinds Cleaning

The best way to clean your venetian blinds is with dry wipes and washing wash them in hot water with detergent and vinegar. The cleaning fairy demonstrates how.

In this video, I am going to show you how to clean venetian blinds. First, you need to vacuum your blinds but make sure that you do it slats up and slats down. You can also use a tumble dry wipe, going from centre to out, centre to out, centre to out.

Using tumble dry wipes also smells nice and also prevents dust build-ups. These blinds are a little bit grubby, so I am going to show you how to wash them. In a bath full of warm water, make sure you put your towel in the bath - this stops you from scratching the bath.

Gently put your venetian blinds into your bath. Make sure it's fully covered. You will then need to add a little bit of detergent, a little bit of vinegar.

Swell the water. It is a little bit of bubbles. Then using the brush, gently scrub the blinds all over.

Make sure to turn it here, like this. Gently scrub it. It's over.

This method can only be used on metal venetian blinds. Do not use it on wood, as it can mould. And on plastic, you can use it, but you must not use the water hot.

Then, you need to hang your blinds to dry. And that is the best way to clean a venetian blind. .