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How To Volumize Hair

How To Volumize Hair

Getting volume out of fine or flat hair can be difficult. It can be even more difficult if you don't have the right techniques to do it. This 8-minute video will take you through the process of getting the most volume out of even the flattest hair. Tips include the use of mousse, backcombing and use of the blow dryer and brush.

Hi, I'm Tina Fayre, editorial director for the Rush Education group. What I'm going to be demonstrating for you today are some editorial hair ups. Okay, what I'm going to be demonstrating today is how to get volume in hair.

Generally, it's clients that have finer hair that generally struggle, obviously with getting that volume in the hair. Now, it's always important to use good products. So what I'm using here is a volume active by Caro set.

It is a very light product. I think a lot of times we get a bit scared of mousse, it can be very heavy on the hair, but this is a very, very lightweight product. Working with almost a golf ball size in the hand, working it through the hands, we want to get even distribution through the hair.

So, again working small amounts through, again, we want to get it in the roots, which is where we want that volume through the hair. Work that nice and even through. Work your fingers right up inside the roots as well, really making sure we get that product running through the root area.

So again, what we're going to do is really prepare the hair to begin with before we start blow-drying the hair, and so what we're going to do now is dry it using small meshes and work in the opposite direction. So we're actually using our fingers here to lift the hair up in the opposite direction. And again, what this does is dries the product in, to start drying so that we're not going to get the brush sort of sticking to the mouse.

So again, working almost across the head and again, making sure that we're almost working the roots right in the opposite direction. Again you pull, you dry these sections quite dry because quite often, we get little bits of hair that's still a little bit damp and they can quite often drop. So, the key to this is to really make sure that we dry the roots off thoroughly.

So you can see now, when I bring the hair back over what we've created, you can see that nice root lift before we actually start the blow dryer. Then once we've done that, we're going to sort of work through the sides. Again, using my little finger and just working across the head and just lifting up the roots.

Now, once we've done obviously, work through the hair, this will allow us to have a good base for the blow-drying. So what we need to do is then go away and blow dry it, obviously the ends, but, again, even if we used a brush here and just tucked the ends under, what we've actually created is a lot more height through the top. Okay, so you see how I got the volume through the roots, to kind of give me my foundation for my blow-drying.

So I just tucked all of my sections up under, and I'm just continuing to work through this top area. Now, this top area is the most important part of the blow dry because this is where you want to start to see the volume. So again, the technique to it is really using very simple work in quite small sections and ensuring that the hair is pushed right away forward.

So, when we've got our brush in, we push the hair right forward and out brush goes right into the roots. This allows us to really get a lot of volume in the top area. So again, working through, lifting those sections right the way out and always working forward to lift those roots.

Now through the top, I'm going to get the ends, I'm working out the roots. Again, I'm going to hold that brush there for a few seconds to let it cool down. And then when I release the hair, you can see it's really given the hair more of a cushion through the top area.

Work through the top, and again what we want to do is work this top section right the way back. So that when it falls into place, you've got a lot more volume in the crown area. So, again, spinning that brush right the way forward allowing us to get right into that root area, and again, turning the ends in and right the way up to the root area.

Again, holding that there for a few minutes which will allow the hair to cool down and again rel