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How To Walk In High Heels

How To Walk In High Heels

Here is a great guide showing you how to walk in high heels. A must see for any woman out there who wants to maintain her fabulousness and grace whilst in high heels, VideoJug is here to show you how!

Step 1: You will need

  • High Heels
  • A fabulous outfit.

Step 2: Heel selection

The novice heel wearer should avoid 10 centimetre stilettos. You may want to start by trying wedges or shoes with a thicker heel. Walking in high heels is an art that should be mastered gradually, inch by inch.

Location is key to heel selection. You may need supporting straps if you are going dancing.

Find out whether you will be walking or standing for long periods of time and vary your heel height accordingly. Avoid public transport at all costs, it's far too unglamorous.

Step 3: Stand up

When practicing, stand up straight in front of a full length mirror and allow your feet to adapt to the position of the heels. Your body weight should be distributed over the balls of your feet as well as through the heels. This is also a good opportunity to admire your outfit and practice a few poses.

Step 4: The first steps

Try taking small, slow steps at first. Don't bend your knees any more than you would do in flat shoes. Place each foot down heel first, and instantly move your body weight forward so that it transfers over the whole foot. Don't move the other foot until your weight feels secure.

Step 5: Move around

Walk back and forth and try changing direction. Try walking on different surfaces but avoid thick carpets and loose rugs. Walking in high heels will cause your hips to sway from side to side. Don't try and stop this happening; work with it. Be confident. Think supermodel glamour and grace.

Step 6: Stairs

Stairs are a hazard you may encounter before even leaving the house. Point your feet at an angle towards the banister or wall and descend with effortless grace. On the way down, make sure the whole foot lands flat on each stair. On the way up, walk on the balls of your feet. An attractive partner can add a touch of glamour to a descent if you are attempting stairs in public.

Step 7: Out and about

The outside world contains many hazards for the sophisticated heel wearer. Avoid grass, cobblestones or grates of any description. If you can't avoid these horrors, find a gentleman to lay his coat down for you, or let him carry you to safety.