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How To Walk Like A Beauty Queen

How To Walk Like A Beauty Queen

Chicken cutlets in your swimsuit top…Vaseline on your teeth… or the perfect answer… all tricks of the beauty pageant trade, but none as important as your walk! It's extremely important to have a fantastic walk. Why? Because when you're lined up shoulder to shoulder in a row of gorgeous gals, having a fantastic walk can make you pop out in that evening gown lineup. Walking expert Rita Verreos knows the secrets to a winning beauty queen walk and shares her tricks with VideoJug.

Step 1: Just Breathe

Before starting any pageant walk, make sure to take a deep breath. What did that breath do for you? It made you stand taller and pushed your chest out. It also opened you up to present yourself to everybody as confident.

Step 2: Walk A Curvy Line

You always want to appear as if you're gliding across the stage. There are two Miss Rita techniques that you can use to help you find your walk.

One way to achieve that feeling is kind of silly, but it works. Put your hands together and move them side to side slowly to create an “s”, like you're hands are the top fin of a shark and you're gliding them through the water. Then let your shoulders follow in the side to side motion. Lastly, walk and glide your feet forward making sure to pull your foot in and out and you walk.

The other way is you take chalk and create a wavy line on the floor. Then make your feet follow that path of “s”'s. Your feet should be moving in an in and out movement and never lift up off the floor.

These are supposed to feel exaggerated. These exercises will help loosen up any restrictive movements and make you comfortable doing a somewhat exaggerated walk on stage. Remember, it may feel funny and even look funny walking down a sidewalk, but it's winning on a stage.

Step 3: Do The Pageant Turn

In a beauty pageant, there's such a small amount of time that you have to present yourself on stage, that any little tool that you can use to bring more attention to yourself and to get more time up there is key and doing a great turn is one of those ways.

The turns can happen in the middle and at the end of a walk, especially whenever there is a pose to strike.

When turning, pivot slowly and stop when you reach halfway with your rear presented to the audience. Pause, smile, look over your shoulder, pause some more and then slowly complete your turn for the full frontal pose.

Step 4: Walk The Walk

After practicing the exaggerated techniques, take your deep breath, place your hands on your hips and begin your walk.

Strike your pose and do the turn.
Throw in a second turn if you're feeling extra sassy!

And even as you walk off the stage, the red carpet, the kitchen porch—a true beauty queen continues to play to her audience until the last step off the stage.