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How To Wash Hair Pieces

How To Wash Hair Pieces

This video is intended to show you how to wash a real or synthetic hairpiece with shampoo and conditioner without knotting or ruining the hairpiece in simple steps.

This is how to wash a hairpiece. Before you proceed, you brush through the hairpiece thoroughly on the outside, then you turn it over and brush all the inside out so there's no loose hairs inside the base of the hairpiece. You turn it back on itself and put it, cup it, around your hand like this.

Then turn on the water and thoroughly soak the hair in water. Once it has been soaked, we add the shampoo, cup the hairpiece around the hand, like so, and from top to bottom in this motion, with added water and again, you do not do circular movements as this knots the hair, you just keep it top to bottom motions all the time. You then rinse the first shampoo off and then you do a second shampoo.

The first shampoo is to cleanse the hair from any products, hairspray, gel, waxes and the second shampoo is to cleanse the actual hair shaft itself, still top to bottom movements adding more water, top to bottom movements. This is then clean for your conditioner if it is a real hair hairpiece already, if it is a synthetic hairpiece for your spray-on conditioner which is left in the synthetic hairpiece. Being this is real hair, we add our conditioner to both sides of the hairpiece.

You can either then block the hairpiece and comb it through or comb it through as it is the conditioner on the hairpiece, very gently as to not break any knotting on the root of the hairpiece. Once you have done this on the inside, you then rinse the conditioner from the hairpiece. Then, a fresh towel will blot off the excess water and then, you're ready to style. .