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How To Wash Your Snorkel Gear

How To Wash Your Snorkel Gear

How To Wash Your Snorkel Gear: Keeping your diving equipment clean is a very important factor while using snorkelling gears. And this Videojug film will help you in keeping a clean gear so that they last longer.

Hi, I am Howard Payne. I am an instructor with Dive Wimbledon. We are at five-star IDC center here in Southwest London.

And I teach both recreational and technical diving and I have been diving for about eight years. And today, I am going to give you a little bit of advice on equipment and how to scuba dive. So just a few tips when you are snorkelling.

Obviously make sure you do not touch any of the coral or a fish or the marine life because some of it is poisonous. And generally, the more beautiful is the more likely you are to get stung. Just remember to keep breathing normally and also make sure that you know, you have got a wet suit on so that you stay buoyant.

Or some people like to wear a snorkelling like a little life jacket just to keep them buoyant on the surface. So just a few things to bear in mind when you are out snorkelling. Okay, let us just talk a second about how to clean your snorkeling gear when you have been on one of your snorkelling expeditions.

A really good idea as we said elsewhere with equipment is anything that has been in salt water needs to be washed off in fresh water afterwards. So your fins, your mask, your snorkel itself, give them a good rinse off in fresh water. And that is going to prolong their life, stop them from getting discolored and it's worth just taking care of your equipment.

Also with suits, also very important. You will find that if you leave salt water or chlorinated water on suits and hoods and gloves, it does not do them any good. So always worth giving that a wash off.

If you are on holiday somewhere nice, maybe like the Red Sea, you will find that most of the dive centers will have fresh water rinse tanks. So it makes it really easy for you to clean your equipment when you are finished. And obviously, it goes without saying that if you rinse the stuff off properly, you are going to prolong the life of the equipment.

And obviously, you want your stuff to last a long time. So, hopefully that is a few tips there for you about how to keep your equipment clean and how to get the most life out of it. .