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How To Wear A Beret

How To Wear A Beret

How to Wear a Beret: What that uber-chic Parisian style? This video will teach you how to properly wear and accessorize the classic French beret hat.

Hi, I'm Clare Wacey, and I'm a personal stylist, and I'm going to give you some style tips today. For any style tips that you need that you don't find on these videos, go to my website: www.clarewacey.

com. Hi, today I'm going to talk to you about how to wear a beret. The beret is such a classic accessory.

It's been around for donkey's years and it will be around for donkey's years to come. The really important thing to remember is it comes from the French; beret's are worn by the French all the time. So the really important thing to remember when you're wearing a beret is what you accessorize it with, or how you use it.

First off, let's see how you put one on. Now I've got a classic red beret. It's really great for autumn and winter.

Open up the hat so you can get it around your head and don't destroy your hairstyle. As you put it on, and then you need to tilt it to the side and fold it over, so you create a really great beret shape. The really great thing about berets is they usually don't have a structured center.

So you can change up how you wear your beret. You can wear it to the side in the classic way. You can put it back and create almost like a woolly hat.

But also, you can just wear it straight up as well, if you want to. Really important thing about berets is, you know, how you dress them - bring out that Parisian chic. So try a stripey shirt or a stripey T-shirt with a classic blazer or even a mack.

It's a really great look and always works really well. I'd also say go for really vibrant color, because it really stands out. Red's obviously your classic French or red beret or blue beret.

But what I'd say is make sure it stands out and works with the rest of your outfit. Another great thing with berets is you can get little brooches that you put on them. So, when you're wearing your beret, you can the brooch straight in the center piece and it really makes a feature of your hat.

It's a great accessory. Use it, and make sure you're wearing it and looking uber-chic in the French style. Thanks! .