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How To Wear A Cumberbund

How To Wear A Cumberbund

If you have a black tie event coming up, watch this short video to show you how to wear your cummerbund with style and elegance if you do not have a matching waistcoat.

This is how to wear a cumberbund. The cumberbund is a satin sash which is fastened around your waist, traditionally work with black tie. It was originally conceived by British army officers who were stationed in India.

It was meant to be a way of covering your waist when wearing black tie in hotter climates where a waistcoat was going to make things a little too warm. Traditionally, it works with the pleated sides facing upwards, and there are a lot of arguments for why this is but the real reason for this was to be able to carry ticket stubs or other small accompaniments that you may have with your dinner jacket which may not have trouser pockets with it. It is also commonly known in slang reference as a crumb catcher as it has a tendency to collect crumbs and anything else that may fall into your lap during black tie dinners.

But it really is quite straightforward, it's just fastened around your waist and meant to be worn about midway through so that the actual waistband of your trousers bisects the cummerbund sash about midway through. Just for a bit further understanding, the real reason why a cummerbund needs to be worn is because in traditional black tie, you should never have your waist showing. As you can see, a marcelat dress shirt always stops at a certain way down and that is because the expectation is that you are not wearing anything, or you are wearing something that will cover your waist, in this case, a cummerbund or also a waistcoat.

To fasten a cummerbund, you are actually going to need some help. It's very, very hard to get around to the back of your lower back to fasten up a cummerbund but one of the ways of doing it is to provide it to your helper, where they will be sliding the small ended loop through the tab adjuster, back through, pull taut and there you have a fastened cummerbund. And that's how to wear a cumberbund. .