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How To Wear A Head Scarf

How To Wear A Head Scarf

Scarves are widely seen as appropriate only for winter. But, it is a fact that scarves are accessories for the whole year round. Here is a video clip showing you how to make use of a scarf in summer.

Hi, I am scarf designer Dominique Mosley and today we are here in vintage shop Blondie to talk about all of the different ways you can wear a scarf and how you can style it to incorporate it into your look. Scarves are accessories for the whole year round. They are not just for winter.

So, it is important to know just how versatile they are, and how you can bring them in to lots of different looks. Now, Maggie is going to demonstrate for you how to wear a head scarf. An easy way to wear a head scarf is by using a really long silk scarf.

Roll it up, so that it is not as wide, take the two ends, place them over your head. Tie in a single or double knot around the back. And this style works very easily if you have got your hair tied up in a pony and it is great for summer.

Once you have tied in the knot, you can bring the two ends over your shoulders and leave them flowing down the front.