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How To Wear A Lace Top

How To Wear A Lace Top

With the lace trend, you can either just give it a nod or go all the way with it. Lace tops come in different forms and detailing, so here's some style advice on how to wear one.

So now, I'm going to give you some tips on how to wear lace tops. Lace is a trend started in the winter of 2009 Prada collection that featured a lot of lace and it's basically stuck around ever since then in one form or another on the High Street. If you just want a slight nod to the trend, you could go for something with a bit of lace detailing like this tunic which has got lace sleeves and a little panel at the front so it's just quite subtle.

Alternatively, you could go for something that's long sleeved and laced. This one's got tight patterns so it's not too see-through and if you go for a white tank top or vest top underneath, then you could even go for that for daytime. And then, the third option is if you're a bit more brave, you could go for all-out lace like Lily has here in a lace flower-printed top and with just a bra underneath, it's obviously a lot more evening wear kind of look.

But also, you can dress it down with a jacket or cardigan over the top. So in terms of what to wear lace with, you can give it quite a retro sort of feel if you wear it with frayed denim shorts or blue jeans but you can also give it quite a lady-like feel, the way that Dolce & Gabbana often do if you wear it with something like a black tight pencil skirt or high-waisted skirt or black tailored trousers. So to summarize, lace is really quite versatile.

You can either just go for a touch of lace in an outfit or you can go all out and you can make it more formal or you can dress it down. And that's how you wear lace tops. .