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How To Wear A Short Dress

How To Wear A Short Dress

How to look fabulous in short dresses! This video will give you great fashion advice to help you pick out the perfect short dress for your body type. Tips on how to make your legs look fab in a short dress for any occassion day or night.

Hi, I'm Clair Wacey and I'm a personal stylist and I'm going to give you some style tips today. So any style tips that you need that you don't find on these videos, go to my website www.clairewacey.

com. Hi, today I'm talking to you about how to wear a short dress. Obviously, you need fab legs to start with so make sure that they're shaved or they're beautifully tidied up and make sure that they look fantastic.

And the really important thing with wearing a short dress is to also wear a fantastic heel because that is going to make your legs look the best that they possibly can. So try to go with something that has a bit of a stack so you don't feel like you are in agony at the end of day but make sure a little bit of a heel is always really, really good to show off your legs to their best and make them look longer which is all the better. In terms of an actual dress shape, I think in terms of styling a short dress, you're really better off going with something that's high neck line.

I've got two great examples here, in current season, the dresses are really, really great because they actually don't have that much shape in the body, they are really straight up, straight down, but they've got much more exciting neck lines. Which means that you can play around with accessories but it also means your making your legs the key feature so the most important thing when looking at you is your legs and that is what you want to play on. These are really, really great dresses in terms of just a classic smock they welcome most bigger shapes.

But what I would say if your wearing a smock dress and its quite short, I'd really redefine your body as much as you can by bringing in a belt shape even if its just something loose just to bring in and show off your waist because it will make your legs look longer but also redistribute everything in the top half of your body and make it look much more even. Another great short dress shape is something like this, it is like a wrap dress but it is already sewn up for you, it is an open neckline but it is really flattering if you've got a slightly bigger bust and don't want to go right up here with your neckline. And it's nice and short so you can wear tights you can wear leggings you can go really crazy with it.

But if you're slightly bigger, it is really good at balancing out your body so you can redefine your waist by bringing in a belt there or just using the tie that is already there. It's also got a sleeve on it which is really good for covering up your arms. So if you have a slightly bigger top half than you do a bottom half this is a great option for you.

Because it opens up the top half of your body you can accessorize but it's still showing off your fab legs. This is really great current season bohemian feel to it, so you will have to play and mix with your textures and things when you are accessorizing so go with some furs or some knits to really play up a dress like that. If you're thinking evening, then you've got really, I think two options.

If you've got a smaller bust, I would say it is really good to go with something strapless because you're not going to be falling out top or bottom. You really usually just play one key asset; either your bust or your legs, with this one your playing on both of your key assets but if you have a bigger bust I would definitely recommend putting either a t-shirt or something underneath just so it feels less obvious because I think something like this can go overboard on the glam side. Because you're really showing off your legs but you're showing off your bust as well.

Also, really important, redefine your waist otherwise you're going to look like your wearing a sack. Make sure your legs look great, you redefine your waist, if you've got a bigger bust, maybe pop a T-shirt underneath just to make it a bit more edgy. Another fantastic look is just a high neck, short skirt, it's a really classic way of doing a short dress and th