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How To Wear A Square Scarf

How To Wear A Square Scarf

The Videojug clip explains two ways to wear a square silk scarf, which are on the come back. There is a casual look which is tied in the back of the neck and a more formal look which is tied on the side of the neck.

Hi, I'm scarf designer Dominique Mosley. I'm now going to show you all the different ways that you can wear and style a scarf to personalize your look. Now I'm going to show you the different ways of wearing a square scarf.

Silk square scarves made a massive come back recently and are everywhere, and there's a couple of different ways that you can wear them really easily with a casual outfit. One of the key ways is to take your scarf, take two diagonal corners, and fold this in half. Take the two ends, wrap it around the back of the neck and then tie into a double knot to make sure it's really secure, and then you can play around with the fabric in the front to make sure that you really display the print to its best effect.

Which is a really lovely way to really add some personal touches to your outfit. Another way of wearing the square scarf, which probably adds a more formal touch, is again to take the two diagonal corners, fold this in half, and twist the ends so that you're getting a thinner roll. Take these two ends and tie as more of a classic neck tie, and leave the ends off to the side.

And this look works far better with a smarter outfit.