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How To Wear A Sweater Dress

How To Wear A Sweater Dress

You need to match the right accessories, belts, handbags, shoes and also a trendy coat to look your best when you wear sweater dresses.

Hi. I'm Zoe Lem, stylist and owner of My Sugarland, and today, I'm going to give you some insiders' tips on how to do fashion. I'm now going to show you how to wear a sweater dress.

It's not always the most flattering piece of clothing. People wear fake chunky sweater dresses in winter to keep warm. It can be a really nice piece of clothing if you go for a fine knit.

So keep it more like a dress rather than a jumper. This is a fine knit and again flattering on the shape. So this is quite nipped in.

You don't want to go for something that's really really thick, it's going to drown you, and accessorising again is completing the outfit rather than it just being a big old baggy jumper. This has already got the print of the nipped in but if you haven't then you can still nip the sweater dress in. This is a really nice.

This dress is by Elizabeth Lau, a new designer. So it's nice having a print on it but if you've got plain, you can just work it with the accessories. It doesn't matter.

You can create the shape. The belt nips in so you've got that flattering shape and depending on where your most bit is, whether you nip in underneath the bust, right on the waist but generally no lower than that. That's the right place for nipping in.

So, tying in the colours again. So we've got reds, and we've got whites and we've got black. The great thing about this is that the black isn't right close to your face.

The colour that you wear closest to your face is what is going to brighten up your eyes, lift your face. That's the most important colour. So, this is good.

We've got the red and we've got the white close to the face rather than the heavy black which can be very very draining and can make you look very tired. So, we'll then do the black through the accessories. Again, going a bit quirky with this one because of the dress but if you've got very simple shape then the same principles apply.

So we've got the little hat ties in with the whole style. So you want to tie the colour, you want to tie the shape and you want to tie the style. So this is quite quirky so we're going a little bit quirky with the accessories.

If you're simpler, then you can go much simpler on your accessories. The bag, pulling out the colours but we don't want to go matchy. So again, this is a little bit more English Heritage-y, a catalytic style.

But you need to apply this to the right principles to your shape and comfort you've gone for. Shoes - again going for a little chunkier boots on this one - ankle boots again, very current and also into tan, but they will be following through for every season. So, great Betty Jackson boots to studs but again a platform so they're comfortable.

These John Rosser boots, again platform, so they're really comfortable and again add to that colour, chunkier kind of keeps a little style. Layering out a jumper dress is for whilst it's cold and you're most probably going to need lots of layers. So this is a vintage coat but your outdoor winter coat layering up so it's more of a catalytic style rather than everything matchy matchy matchy.

We'll do the coat on the outside. And again, balance overall. So a really cute look but you just don't need to forget matching.

Go for different shape, colour, style, most important things. .