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How To Wear A Tie Clip

How To Wear A Tie Clip

Tie clips are essentially an ornamental piece which can also help you look neat and professional. This video will show you the appropriate way to wear your tie clip.

And this is how to wear a tie clip. So, tie clips come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They have been around since the nineteenth century and some will be engraved.

You will find some encrusted with all sorts of things, all the way up to diamonds, rhinestones, just sort of little ornamental pieces. But essentially, tie clips serve a single purpose and that is really to control the tie. So, to keep the tie's back from getting in the way of the front.

But also to make sure it stays in the middle of your shirt. That is the basic, chief and ingenious in a straightforward fashion, the basic design to fit the clip in between the shirt and the tie, and essentially we are clipping the tie to the shirt. And to ensure obviously it cannot move around, the back of tie cannot fly around, you know, in a way, the tie will look uncombed, so that you look less put together, you might otherwise do.

In terms of placement, the tie should go on this. You know, right there in the section of your waist meets, so somewhere in the mist of your chest. That is the traditional expected place of the tie clip.

They do help you to get a much better put-together look. And also, if you need to keep a formal appearance, or in a workplace which requires you being around machinery, things that can make you messy, like I said, you can have them engraved. Pass them from father to the son, that sort of things.

And that is how you wear a tie clip. .