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How To Wear A Wedding Tiara

How To Wear A Wedding Tiara

This VideoJug film showcases several different styles of tiaras, from classic to asymmetric. It helps teach you how to select a tiara that will go well with your veil or hairstyle.

Hello, I'm Ellie. And I'm Charlotte. And we run a bridal boutique in Southwest London called Ellie and Charlotte's.

We've been making wedding dresses for the last ten years, and we are going to show you some of our top tips on finding your perfect dress and accessorizing. I am going to talk to you about how to wear your tiara. Firstly, you need to decide on the style of dress.

You need to see if it's strapless or with sleeves, classic, contemporary, or a little bit alternative. Either way, the tiara is going to accessorize that look. You also need to decide how you are going to have your hair: up or down, half up, half down.

Once you've established all of these, it really helps to decide what style your tiara is going to be. You could have a more classic tiara, which is quite high at the front and very sparkly. Now, this suits really well if you are going to wear a veil.

Tiaras sit on the top of the head. Now, any good hair dresser will help you disguise the tiara so it looks like part of the design, and your hair dresser will style your hair around it. If you are going to wear a veil, a high tiara is a great way of accessorizing, because the veil can sit behind.

This is a very very traditional classic look. Alternatively, if you are going to wear a veil and you want it low, a tiara doesn't necessarily always work as high as this. So choose something a bit more shallow so you can embed it more in the hair, so it doesn't look like such a princess but more of a sparkly detail at the front.

You can move away into more contemporary ideas depending again if you are going to wear a veil. These styles don't necessarily go with a veil, and they don't go with more traditional dresses. They're more for your contemporary or art deco, 20's, 30's vintage look.

This is a great one to wear around a side sweep, where you can scatter the jewels around the head, giving it a really great 20's look. Or you can go for something a little bit asymmetrical and a little bit quirky. But again, it needs to suit the style of your dress and your hair style.

Again, any good hair dresser will really help you fit this around your hair style. And that's some top tips on how to wear a tiara.