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How To Wear A Wrap Dress

How To Wear A Wrap Dress

Videojug and Zoe Lem, sytlist and owner of My Sugarland teach you the "ins and outs" of looking stylish in a wrap dress. Zoe tells you the best way to accentuate your figure with this type of dress right down to the accessories for a complete fashion fab!

Hi! I'm Zoe Lem, stylist and owner of My Sugarland, and today I'm going to give you some insider's tips on how to do fashion. So I'm now going to show you how to wear a wrap dress. A wrap dress is a really great shape to flatter most figures.

It's just really important about where you nip it in; where you pull it in at the waist. Most women's smallest bit is underneath the bust and high waisted. So, if you're going to pull in -a lot of wrap dresses are styled to wear lower- hoist them up.

Pull it right up and get it at your smallest bit and pull it tight. It might feel different. It might feel a bit strange to begin with.

But when you nip it at your smallest bit and then it glides out, it's going to be the most flattering product. So, nip in at your smallest part. Pull it in underneath the bust or high waisted.

Most dresses will be styled to wear lower but it's not so flattering especially if you got hips. So, pull it up! Hoist it in. It will feel strange.

It's going to feel a bit different especially if it's the first time you've worn something like this. But that's fine. You'll get used to it.

But it will be much more flattering if you nip it at your smallest bit, rather than your widest bit and then glide out. So, got the dress. If you're bigger busted, a wrap dress is also really great for cutting through the bust and making it look smaller.

When you draw lines, it chops into something, makes it look smaller. Do it with a little vest if you've got a bigger bust and keep this more open and it'll chop into the bust. Then, accessories! And a wrap dress also is great to style day and night so you can do different accessories.

But, we are going to go for an evening look and we are going to do more muted tones because of the color of this one. So, color balance again! A nudey shoe really lengthens the leg and can make you look taller and your leg much, much slimmer as long as you don't go for too clunky or too thin a heel. And go for a deep scoop in the shoe.

So, a nudey shoe! So, we've got a nudey color bag to go with the shoes, balancing out, top to toe. They're not matching though. So they just work colorwise.

But, they're not matchy matchy! And can look quite old-fashioned! Then, a wrap dress highlights the waist but if you really want to accentuate it further, you can go for a belt. This is a wrappy belt, with a wrappy dress, so. But they are great because you can really hoist in and wear them on your waist, under the bust, or on the hip.

Tie it, though, at the front to really highlight that waist. So it really makes that hourglass silhouette. Then, accessories! Rule of thumb: I would go earrings or necklace, not both! So for this, I am going to do the necklace and I'm going to do the ring.

Too much accessories can really kill a look! So, we've got the necklace and then we're going to balance out; we've got the ring. So again, they're far enough apart so that you can have a little bit of shine there and a little bit of shine at the top. And it balances! Don't go too much especially if you've got a patterned fabric.

So a patterned fabric - play it down. Play it down on the accessories so that you are not looking too mutton or too Christmas tree and then it will look fab. A versatile piece of garment! .