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How To Wear An Evening Dress

How To Wear An Evening Dress

With your evening dress, you need the right sort of accessories like a long necklace or bracelet and, of course, you need nice shoes and handbags to match the dress.

Hi. I'm Zoe Lem, stylist and owner of My Sugarland, and today, I'm going to give you some insider's tips on how to do fashion. I'm now going to show you how to wear an evening dress.

So, the important thing is picking the right shape for you to begin with. This one is a beautiful colour and if you go for real deep permanent colour in the dress, it really does everything for you. And you have to be very subtle and go simplistic with a lot of the accessories and styling thereafter.

This green's really flattering. If you've got blue or green eyes, it would be amazing, really brighten up the eyes. So, pick a colour that works for you.

The shape in this is great. It's a thirties shape but it's new. It's by Justin Goveter.

This panel underneath the bust is really flattering, really nips in the waist, the smallest bit, and this is great again if you've got bust because it's low. We're having this panel over the top. You can go for the idea of low but without actually going too much cleavage.

The Diana panelling that was in the thirties' shape is great as well. So, we want to accessorise this. The green is our colour, so we're going to pull up the black from here to balance that out, so we're going to go for really great heel, real great platform in there, padding so you're going to be comfortable if you're out for a night with your evening dress then they're going great.

You can keep dancing and not be uncomfortable. And rather than going for a kind of classic fascinator, head piece, the earrings, we're going to go for a little hat. So again, it's going for a little twist because it's quite a classic way you could do this dress, pearls, diamonds and very simple shoes.

But, I think, giving it a little bit of a vintage-y twist is quite nice and it's going for something that will just sit on the side of the head and it's bringing in that feel, going with that thirties' kind of style. But again, this is a new designer. So, perhaps we're going to go for a neutral bag.

So, rather than pulling out the green and going matchy-matchy, the bag will get lost, so we can go for a neutral tone. This will balance out with the skin tone so you've already got the balance here because there's a lot of flesh showing. The snake again, bit of shine, perfect.

This is a hand-made little bag so they're great for the price, for an evening, because you want to have a few colours for the different outfits you're going to do. And then rather than going with a classic beginning with this, we're going to go for a necklace and we're going to continue those column shapes from thirties, very long and very lengthening. We're going to go for a necklace.

There again, it extends those lines, just below the bust so it doesn't line the nipple. That's a good place for necklace to hit, lengthening the lines, going down and the silver, again really brightening on the eyes. You could go for a bracelet as well but don't go too much with the accessories.

Keep it quite simple, there's a lot going on. And this is how to wear an evening dress. .