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How To Wear Animal Print Dresses

How To Wear Animal Print Dresses

Learn the proper way to wear, mix and match animal prints. Animal prints are a must for your wardrobe but you must know when to wear it and what to wear I with. Learn from our fashion guru and look trendy and fashionable in animal prints.

Hi! Today I'm going to talk to you about how to wear an animal print dresses. There's so many different animal prints on the market at the moment in the high street. There's horse prints, there's like prints with dog shape on them, there's leopard print, there's zebra print.

You name it there's a print for it. Today specifically I want to talk to you about leopard print because I think so many people get it wrong. Everyone think that leopard print and they think of that really going to be Gordy color.

Bright red accessories, red lips, big blonde hair and I want to show you that leopard print it can be really quite glamorous and quite elegant to wear. I've chosen two dresses specifically to talk about today. Now the first is a really-really simple floaty summer dress.

But I want to show you how you can a classic summer dress and turn it into a really fab winter look. And this leopard print, obviously they've chosen blue tones of this leopard print. Which I think is a really great way of getting out of that classic you know orangey, brown leopard print and going to something much more interesting.

This bluely-silver is really fantastic. The shape of the dresses is really great as well because it kind of publish the arm. It's going to be a really nice of a sleeve there.

Which you can make it a little bit more floaty. It's got this gathering detail underneath the bust which really centers you in at the waist. So it's got a tie at the back, at the back of the neck.

It makes it more much exciting. So again all this element had to be really elegant floaty dress. Now obviously as it stands its chiffon so it's quite summery.

So I want to show you how you can take it into a winter look. First of all add either a pair of leggings and knee high boots, similar to what I'm wearing. Just to make it more a little bit more wintery.

But still you need to have your arm on show. So think about layering on top of it. For example, pop on a really great leather jacket.

Just to make it a little bit more grungy feeling. So you've got your black tights, your black boot, this really floaty glamorous dress and a leather jacket on top. It turns this leopard print from being a classic leopard print to something much more elegant, much more interesting and fashionable.

If you're not into leather jacket, so you don't have one in your wardrobe. Most people have just a basic long sleeve t-shirt. Really simple way of making this more autumn or wintery is to layer underneath it.

Most people think to layer on top or put cardigans on. But I'm saying, pop it underneath. So you've got a nice long-sleeve t-shirt.

Pop it underneath the dress, so you've got a little bit of a neck line here. Really-really nice for covering up to keep you warm. The back of the neck line which is follow the line of that bow, again just giving you a little peak of the t-shirt underneath.

Just adding to the interest of the dress, but also the sleeve will keep your arm warm, which is what we want to keep warm in winter and then add on the leggings or the tights or the boots. And you've got really great way of making this summer dress into really great wintery look. Again it's just keeping things really simple.

Don't go overboard. Don't add too much of the kind of typical red with leopard print or maybe even fur with leopard print. Just keep it nice and simple to make sure that you're wearing it really trendy current way.

I've got another really great dress. This is a slightly more evening dress. Again it's sleeveless.

So use those that I have talked about that layering over the top or layering underneath. But then again this one is really elegant and the reason I've chosen it because it's got it's the sheer area at the top. Which makes it feel like it's a strap of this dress.

So the classic strapless leopard prints dress. Goes from less bar made into something much more elegant and sophisticated. All this pleating detail j